September 17 – Helena - Missoula, MT

Norsk program med tider nederst på siden.

Visit the state Capitol building in Helena, MT

Building started in 1899 and was completed 1902 with wings added between 1909 and 1912.

Montana is home to a rich Native American population. There are seven reservations in Montana, representing 11 tribes.

To learn more about Tribal Governments in Montana, visit Governor's American Indian Nations (GAIN) Council, State Tribal Economic Development Commission (STEDC), Office of Indian Affairs, or Indian Nations. (Picture borrowed from "Indian Nations").

Tour Montana Historical Society Museum.

Established in 1865, the Montana Historical Society is one of the oldest institutions of its kind west of the Mississippi River.

Drive through Macdonald Pass.

MacDonald Pass (el. 1920 m./6299 ft.) is a high mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains in Montana.

It is traversed by U.S. Route 12.

Continue to Missoula.

Missoula history:

The Indian scare of 1877 led to the construction of Fort Missoula southwest of Missoula, which became a source of economic stability for the town between the end of the placer mining era and the coming of the railroad. The Bonner, Hammond and Eddy Company (later the Missoula Mercantile) established in 1866, began to dominate the wholesale and retail trade of the region by the 1880’s and made Missoula the largest trade center within a 75-mile radius.

The construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad through Missoula in 1883, converted it from a town of 300 to a city of 12,000 in 1920, with an economy based on trade, timber, and agriculture.


0900: Besøk ved delstatsforsamlingens hus (The State Capitol).

1100: Avgang mot Missoula, om Montana State route 35 og 200.

1330: Ankomst Missoula. Lunsj.

1500: Besøk ved Fort Missoula. Se interneringsleir fra 2. verdenskrig.

1630: Ankomst hotellet.

1800: Grillfest med Sons of Norway. Grilling av amerikansk bøffel (“bison”).

Sons of Norway - Normanden lodge 4-424

Sons of Norway - Hilsen Lodge 4-520