September 18 – Missoula, MT – Spokane, WA (Sandpoint & US highway 2)

Norsk program med tider nederst på siden.

Drive through a portion of the Flathead Indian Reservation and visit the National Bison Range, one of the oldest wildlife preserves in the US, where 500 head of buffalo are visible as they roam the terrain.

Continue on Highway 200 through Bitterroot Mountain range. The Bitterroot Range (a subrange of the Rocky Mountains) runs along the border of Montana and Idaho.

Bitterroot - Montana State Flower

We will pass Lake Pend Oreille, a 43 mile long, 1150 foot deep freshwater lake formed by glaciers. Lake Pend Oreille is Idaho's largest lake and, indeed, one of the largest inland lakes in North America.


Tour the historic Davenport Hotel, built during the days of railroad development in 1914.


"In all things, the hotel sincerely tries to so well please its guests that they will be glad they came, sorry to leave and eager to return."

Louis Davenport, 1914. Walt Worthy, 2002.

Visit at Sons of Norway Tordenskjold Lodge 02-005

We will have a dinner/dance at Tordenskjold lodge. Social Hour at 5:30 PM. Dinner at 6:30 and Dancing at 7:30..

The lodge is celebrating its 103 years that evening.

Facebook lodge. Facebook facilities at Spokane


0830. Avgang fra Missoula. Kjøre nordover inn I Flathead indianerreservatet. Kjøre gjennom Nasjonalparken for amerikanske bøffel.

0930: Ankomst Nine Pipes Indian Museum.

1030: Avgang mot St. Regis, Montana.

1200: Lunsj i St. Regis.

1330: Avgang fra St. Regis.

NB! – Ny tidssone. Klokken skrus tilbake fra 1330 til 1230.

1330: Ankomst Wallace, Idaho. Stanse ved Jernbanemuseet i Wallace.

1430: Avgang fra Wallace.

1600: Ankomst Davenport hotel I Spokane, Washington.

1630: Tura v historisk Davenport hotel.

1800: Besøk og middag ved Sons of Norway lodge.

Overnight at the Davenport Hotel.